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Affordable Healthcare Solutions, LLC is a consulting firm designed around assisting a hospital system in the establishment of a neuroscience center or the improvement of an existing neuroscience center.  As such, we bring the requisite experience in this endeavor to allow the client to fully reach their goal of building or improving their neuroscience center of excellence. We can provide recommendations for staffing, management structure, how to manage calls, equipment requirements, and more efficient operations. 


We can provide in-depth financial analysis and projections to help determine which projects have legs and will be fiscally viable and which will not. Detailed assessment of revenue stream, holdings, and policies with an eye toward making the client’s system function efficiently is our area of expertise.  We also are able to provide the additional full range of services to make the comprehensive picture functional and the client’s work environment superb.

Our Goal: Our overarching ambition with this company is to provide clients with one place that will serve to bring their neuroscience center goals to life within the hospital system in a way that is honest, forthright, and viable. 

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