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Our Corporate Strategy

Our Goal:  Our overarching ambition with this company is to provide clients with one place that will serve to bring their medical practice, hospital, or healthcare system goals to life system in a way that is honest, forthright, and viable. 

Healthcare System Analysis:

Our strength is in our ability to fully, comprehensively analyze your system finances, processes, IT infrastructure, and healthcare delivery and provide comprehensive, implementable solutions to get you moving forward in a sustainable fashion.  We are all focused on improving healthcare in the United States and at Affordable Healthcare Solutions, LLC, our only goal is to make healthcare better. How we do this will be via an individualized, structured approach that is specifically tailored to fit the needs and concerns of your system. We want to make American healthcare better one system at a time.

Information Technology:

We are able to assist in implementing IT strategies for improved cyber security, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and the internet of things as functional systems within your corporate healthcare delivery structure.


Financial Strategies for Ultimate Success: 

We are ready to provide a detailed financial analysis in the form of an equity rating using your system’s current ratings and healthcare grades to devise a usable assessment that can be put before investors and bond dealers so that you can obtain financing for projects and growth. We can also help expand your community foundation and help you seek out grant opportunities.


Educational Services, Leadership, and Professional/Business Coaching: 

Our multi-year experience in a wide variety of venues gives us the ability to not only assist clients in development but also how to avoid potential pitfalls that turn viable projects into sunk costs.


Media Relations, Consulting, Project Investment Evaluation: 

Given the scope of our corporate experience, we can provide not only assistance with marketing and media relations but valuable, accurate technical advice on your expansion project.


Medicolegal Advice:

Dr. Levy has extensive medico-legal experience and has been a case reviewer for the Greeley company. He is ready to assist with your medicolegal concerns as an expert witness, case reviewer, or general consultant to assist in finding an initial direction or approach to a specific issue.


Physician Satisfaction: 

We can assist at both ends of the contract negotiations to ensure that physicians your institution signs will remain happy and stay with you for the duration of a career. We will be able to provide a detailed analysis of contracts and help all parties avoid common pitfalls that lead to dissatisfaction. Also, we can assist the facility in setting up a direct-to-physician locums arrangement to eliminate the middle-man locum company for enormous cost-savings.


Consultation Services for Establishment of Neuroscience Centers/Centers of Excellence: 

We have extraordinary experience in this endeavor but also extraordinary credibility with our leadership being an accomplished, highly-regarded neurological surgeon with an MBA. His prior efforts at several different centers have allowed for exceptional growth and efficiency and he understands the broad picture as well as the specifics of what is needed to launch a successful center or improve an existing center. Just as importantly, he knows how to achieve this while meeting regulatory requirements and keeping physicians and other providers happy. There will be a cost analysis including a detailed net present value calculation and an interactive spreadsheet to delineate 'if/then' potential outcomes and fiscally achievable strategies for success. A usable A3 operational strategy will be produced which will allow administrators and physician leaders to determine reasonable personnel and equipment requirements given targets for growth. A usable Five-Forces analysis will be constructed to help guide your institution into growth areas not occupied by competition and also to assist in long-range strategic planning with a detailed picture of the local competition’s strengths and weaknesses.

Leadership Seminars and Coaching: 

With 21 years in the military and having held a variety of leadership positions within the healthcare field, our CEO is well-versed in leadership techniques and motivational speaking. Keeping employees happy and satisfied at work should be the top goal of management and we can show you how to do this.

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