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Affordable Healthcare Solutions, LLC is designed to serve as a general medical consulting firm that can provide comprehensive consulting services to any healthcare facility or system to include:
Doctor Using Digital Tablet
  • Consultation services for establishment of neuroscience centers/centers of excellence

  • Assisting in making an already-standing neuroscience center more fiscally viable

  • Comprehensive analysis of any healthcare system from an entire organization to a satellite facility or small hospital to a single aspect of the system

  • Comprehensive facility and patient flow-through analyses to improve patient satisfaction and increase reimbursement

  • Optimization of OR efficiency and pre-and post-operative management systems to reduce bounce-backs to the ED

  • Complete practice management any size and specialty including providing access to remote services for a completely fiscally responsible approach

  • Reviewing/analyzing your department for efficiency and cost-effectiveness

  • Providing a functional, usable A3 to assist in departmental operations

  • Providing advice and strategy on effective marketing techniques

  • Providing a usable, implementable net present value calculation to find the most lucrative areas for expansion

  • Providing a usable 5-Forces analysis to help delineate strategy for growth given local competition

  • Detailed equity analysis applied to the specifics of the client situation

  • Assistance in standing up or improving/streamlining neurology and neurosurgery residency programs

  • Full-spectrum information technology services analysis and improvement

  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence system architecture

  • Implementation of Internet of Things architecture

  • Implementation of Blockchain technology

  • Review of Cybersecurity protocols with implementable measures for improvement

  • Providing how-to services in terms of establishing direct-to-physician contracts for call coverage eliminating the need for a locums company

  • Medico-legal assistance

  • Expert witness services

  • Advice on strategies for physician retention and improvement of physician job satisfaction

  • Assistance to physicians in terms of contract review, call requirements, and productivity requirements.

  • Assistance to physicians with financial planning, future growth/responsibility, how to integrate into a group, and pitfalls to avoid.

  • Leadership/organizational growth seminars and motivational speaking

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