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Adam Andersonm MBA

Managing Principal and Senior Consultant, Healthcare System Strategy

Adam has 35 years of professional experience helping owners of small and medium companies increase their value through rapid and radical growth of revenue and income. With 15 years of hands-on experience including corporate project management, time as a CFO and CEO, and experience as a Board Member and Chairman of the Board, he has worked at every level of corporate organization.  He also has 20 years as a management consultant and became a leading business advisor at top international consultancies: strategy at McKinsey, finance at KPMG, and technology at Accenture.


Adam’s primary areas of focus include strategy, marketing, operations, finance, and IT.  He has been able to quickly identify areas where client firm performance is below potential and provide workable, implementable solutions to maximize efficiency and growth of revenue.


Adam has led the due diligence and value enhancement efforts of portfolio companies for several private equity firms.  He possesses specific knowledge on what company buyers analyze and value, and more precisely, how to deliver it.


Adam’s academic qualifications include a BS from the MIT School of Engineering and an MBA from the Stanford University School of Business.

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