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Consultation Services for Establishment of Neuroscience Centers/Centers of Excellence:
We have an extraordinary level of experience in this endeavor but also extraordinary credibility with our leadership being an accomplished, highly-regarded neurological surgeon with an MBA. His prior efforts at several different centers have allowed for exceptional growth and efficiency and he understands the broad picture as well as the specifics of what is needed to launch a successful center or improve an existing center. Just as importantly, he knows how to achieve this while meeting regulatory requirements and keeping physicians and other providers happy. There will be a cost analysis including a detailed net present value calculation and an interactive spreadsheet to delineate ‘if-then’ potential outcomes and fiscally achievable strategies for success. A usable A3 operational strategy will be produced which will allow administrators and physician leaders to determine reasonable personnel and equipment requirements given targets for growth. A usable Five-Forces analysis will be constructed to help guide your institution into growth areas not occupied by competition and also to assist in long-range strategic planning with a detailed picture of the local competition’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Affordable Healthcare Solutions, LLC is a consulting firm designed around assisting a hospital system in the establishment of a neuroscience center or the improvement of an existing neuroscience center. As such, we bring the requisite experience in this endeavor to allow the client to fully reach their goal of building or improving their neuroscience center of excellence. We can provide recommendations for staffing, management structure, how to manage calls, equipment requirements, and more efficient operations. 
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